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Bond Update - February 20, 2015

Board Approves Architectural Firms for Early Bond Construction Projects
The staff and Jacobs recommended—and the Board of Education approved—the appointment of the following firms to provide professional services, including plans, specifications and construction administration for 2014 Bond Program Group 1 Projects; plus, staff and Jacobs recommended—and the Board of Education approved—that the District enter into an agreement with the following firms for such services:

A. BCDM Architects for Replacement: Belle Ryan Elementary School
B. Kenneth Hahn Architects for Replacement: Western Hills Elementary School
C. The Schemmer Associates for Capital Improvements at Indian Hill Elementary School
D. KAI Design and Build for Capital Improvement at Northwest High School
E. BCDM Architects for Capital Improvements at Crestridge Elementary School
F. Jackson Jackson & Associates for ‘Open Plan School at Franklin Elementary School
G. Alley Poyner Macchietto for Open Plan School at Sunny Slope Elementary School

Bond Update - February 5, 2015

At Wednesday's board meeting, information was provided by the bond financing team regarding the actions taken thus far to prepare for the sale of voter-approved bonds for the renovation and construction of district school facilities. Included was a recommendation of the District's financial advisor as to the method of sale of the first series of bonds. Bond counsel and finance officials are set to return for the February 19th board meeting.

Bond Update - January 22, 2015

Board Approves Professional Services Firms for Initial Projects 
The Board of Education approved the recommended appointment of firms to provide professional services—including plans, specifications, and construction administration—for Bond Program Quick Start Projects.

Citizens Bond Oversight Committee
A 21-member group called the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee was announced at the Wednesday, January 21st Board of Education meeting.  This group, which comprises community representatives from all over Omaha, will help keep the district accountable as it moves forward with bond-related construction.

Please see below:

Citizen Bond Oversight Committee Members
Keith Bigsby, Woody Bradford, Michael Bruening, Shelley Henderson, Lenora Isom, William Johnson, Robert King, Michael Lebens, Michael Lesser, Craig Maher, Mary McHale, Nicole Nieves, Carolina Quezada, Chris Rodgers, Greg Van Dyke, Brett Vasek, Jim Vokal, Margot Wickman-Bennett, Matt Scanlan, Katie Underwood, and Justin Wayne.