General Bond Information

Information related to how the Bond Program as a whole will be managed and when the projects will be completed can be found in the following folders.

Communications Plan

The Bond Program Communications Plan serves as a guide to help OPS and Jacobs staff effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders regarding the 2014 Capital Facilities Bond Program.

Economic Inclusion Plan

The Economic Inclusion Plan provides recommended strategies to promote and increase the participation of Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (S/DBE) on the 2014 Capital Facilities Bond Program.

Master Program Schedule

The 2014 Bond Program schedule shows baseline dates and current status for each of the summary activities.

Program Management Handbook

The Program Management Handbook provides an organizational overview of the 2014 Capital Improvement Bond Program and outlines the typical sequence of activities for the design and construction of a project.

General Bond Documents
  •  General Bond Information
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